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  • Trump Fires National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s Son Over Pizzagate
    The Trump transition team on Tuesday fired Michael G. Flynn, the son of President-elect Donald Trump’s top national security adviser, for backing fake news posts that inspired a shooting incident at Washington’s Comet Ping Pong Pizza restaurant this week. Transition officials said Flynn, whose father is retired Lt. Gen. Michael ... read more
    Source: LNCPublished on 2016-12-07
  • Survivors Honor Shipmates On 75th Anniversary Of Pearl Harbor
    Four of the five remaining survivors of the USS Arizona will gather in Hawaii on Wednesday for a ceremony to mark the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which sank the Arizona and pulled the U.S. into World War II. There were 335 survivors from the Arizona; ... read more
    Source: LNCPublished on 2016-12-07
  • Joe Biden And Colbert Discuss 2020 Presidential Bid [VIDEO]
    Joe Biden visit Colbert’s show Tuesday night to talk about how he will be in better shape in 2020 than Donald Trump is now. “Let me be clear about the regret,” Biden said. “I know I made the right decision for my family, I know I made the right ... read more
    Source: LNCPublished on 2016-12-07
  • Trump Named Time’s Person Of The Year
    President-elect Donald Trump has been named Time magazine’s Person of the Year for 2016. The cover reads “Donald Trump: President of the Divided States of America,” and Trump marked the announcement with an appearance on NBC’s Today Show. “To be on the cover of Time as Person of the Year ... read more
    Source: LNCPublished on 2016-12-07
  • Trump Tweets: Cancel New Air Force One, Costs ‘Out Of Control’
    President-elect Donald Trump last twitter rant was about Boeing, declaring the company’s costs “out of control,” and saying the government should cancel an order with the company for two new Air Force One jets. As it turns out, that seemingly random outburst against the aerospace company came within an hour ... read more
    Source: LNCPublished on 2016-12-06
  • Samantha Bee: Eroding Electoral Confidence; Fake News, Real Consequences; The Big Lie
    The government is good except for when the old men don’t get the things they want. Then it’s bigly bad. Samantha Bee takes on Trump & the lying liars that are around him. ... read more
    Source: LNCPublished on 2016-12-06